Which is the best guitar? Acoustic or Electronic

Being a music enthusiast you must be really confused about which type of guitar you should choose and which are the best. But being a newbie, people may know about either acoustic or electric guitar. However, people confuse between these two and start thinking about which one should they choose to begin!

To know the right guitar for you and clear your doubts, we are going to give you all a brief difference between Acoustic guitar and electric guitar.

First of all, let’s start with an acoustic guitar.

From various expertise, we got to know that; Acoustic guitar is really suitable to start with. As because you don’t need to add any amplifier or any other connection to start. You just have to learn basic fundamentals about Guitar and start with it. You can connect with various solo acoustic guitar singers and start to vibe with them. The acoustic guitar even saves your extra cost for amplifier or cables. You’ll get Various body types in acoustic guitar. Even everyone’s favorite Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift play Elixir Acoustic Nanoweb light 12-53 strings. For more depth information about acoustic guitar brands, you can check our article the best guitar brands in India.

The best part of starting with an acoustic guitar is, once you start to learn acoustic guitar then you can slowly jump into another type of guitar. But you can’t start with other guitars if you don’t know basics about acoustic guitars. We all know how much everyone loves acoustic songs which are played via acoustic guitars. The only reason why people loves to listen to acoustic songs is that acoustic guitars produce a soothing sound. This type of guitar tranquilize the moment and let you chill with your squad or loved ones.

But after so many pros we need to know the cons also. Once you’ll start with an acoustic guitar you’ll get to know that these types of guitar are designed with gauge strings. For beginners, this becomes a little bit difficult to pick up. The acoustic guitar is more fragile, that’s why these types of a guitar need extra care. Even fretboard in an acoustic guitar is not beginners friendly.

Now let’s see our second type of guitar “Electric Guitar”

According to various experts, it’s better to learn electric guitar after learning acoustic guitar. Electric guitars are easy to learn but you need to invest more as a beginner. The electric guitars are less heavier than the acoustic guitar. The electric guitar has a slightly small body and easy to deal with. This type of guitar has a thinner neck and light gauge than the acoustic guitar. You can check various brands in our article about the best guitar brands in India.

Adding amplifier and various chords make it easy to learn and add up your project to the next level. You can add headphones to practice in your own silence zone. There are numerous effects available for the electric guitar than the acoustic guitar.

Let’s see the cons of electric guitar too. Adding an amplifier in starting is a bit expensive for beginners. If being a beginner you’ve no knowledge about amplifier then you’ve to struggle with learning amplifier too.


No Matter what you start with, you need to keep focus and let no bad tune of yours discourage you. If you’ve started with learning guitar then just keep in mind you have a rockstar vibe in you. Choose the best Guitar and start off right away. For a better understanding of guitar brands, you must check above article.